The Resume and what should be included

The internet seems to have the answer to a lot of problems today, and yes, when it comes to writing a resume it’s no exception. There exist quite a number of formats on the internet

The internet seems to have the answer to a lot of problems today, and yes, when it comes to writing a resume it’s no exception. There exist quite a number of formats on the internet today, and as a result, it is somewhat difficult for a lot of individuals to lay hands on which formats (or which items included in the resume) are most helpful. When writing a resume, regardless of the chosen format, the resume should and must feature one’s professional and personal strength in an all-inclusive yet succinct manner. It is very important to avoid clouding your resume with certain unnecessary or irrelevant information; only featuring the most relevant aspect of your experience and qualifications.

Here is a helpful guide on the list of things to be included in a resume – you wouldn’t want your employer to trash your copy, would you?

The basic sections in a resume include:

  • Contact Information
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills


Keep your resume length in check: As much as possible, a resume should be concise.  Two pages is the standard maximum length, but one page is even preferable – sometimes it gets boring to read a lengthy resume. However, for an executive position (or similar position) it might require more than two pages in length. But, for most job openings two pages max is acceptable.

Font and Size: The type of font you choose goes a long way in determining if your employer would spend time looking at your resume. Some fonts are just too difficult to deal with, so the best fonts to choose include Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or any similar font style, you could choose between sizes 10-12, but your name and the section headings should be a little larger and in bold.

Accuracy: It is very necessary to edit your resume before sending it, checking for spelling and grammar errors. If possible use a proofreading checklist to make sure your resume is just what the doctor ordered.


For your contact information, you can include your name, address, telephone number, and email address at the top section of your resume.

Objective: In most cases optional but relevant. So, if you decide to include a resume objective, keep it concise and specific; clearly stating the purpose of your resume (the desired job you are applying for and what you hope to accomplish in that field).

Profile: This section is also optional. It includes a summary of your skills, experiences, goals and is sometimes used in place of an objective.

Education: Include the degrees you have been awarded in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent and highest educational accomplishment). Be sure to include the name and location of each institution attended, and the date of graduation. Any awards won or high G.P.A. should also be included as well.

Work Experience or Employment History

You can list your work experience in the reverse chronological order too, starting with your most recent experience or present job. Make sure your present job is in present tense and all previous places of work are in past tense. This is crucial in your resume.


Include any computer skills which you are proficient in, or any other skill you acquired that is particularly relevant to the position for which you are applying. You could also include your proficiency in foreign languages with which you are familiar; stating clearly your level of familiarity (beginning, intermediate, fluent).

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