How To Stand Out From The Competition

Having landed a job interview for that position you have wanted all your life; all you want to do is at this point is – impress your interviewer as much as you can,  as you

Having landed a job interview for that position you have wanted all your life; all you want to do is at this point is – impress your interviewer as much as you can,  as you only get one opportunity to do that.


However, with the number of conflicting and contrasting advice out there, it’s no wonder why job seekers are confused on how to go about acing their interview or how to perform outstandingly in an interview. Irrespective of the type of interview whether voice, video, or one-on-one interview, every candidate wants to come out on top and be given the accolades as standing unmatched.


Well, here are a few things to bear in mind if you want to stand out from the competition


    • The first step is always preparation. You cannot stand out in an interview without being prepared. Suffice it to say, you must be well enlightened about the company, their goal, their vision and the role you are vying for. If possible, you can use contacts within the company to your advantage (if you know any); grill them for information and heads up on how interviews are conducted in the company. Knowledge they say is power but for an interview, knowledge is sheer confidence!
    • The competency question is also one hard nut to crack in interviews. If you want to stand out you should be very careful while answering this question. Your interviewer wants to know what you can bring to the table if given this job opportunity. So if you find yourself struggling at any time, you can use well-constructed examples or better still, already prepared, mind blowing messages that demonstrate what you have been able to achieve in the past (with your skills and experience) and it’s connection to what is really needed to succeed in the specific job – e. g you could tell about a scenario of how you were able to rescue an organization from a particular crisis.
  • In most interview cases, the question of “what are your weaknesses” has become inevitable. However, at the same time, your interviewer does not appreciate your weaknesses so you might want to be careful when stating them. Thing is – they only want to know your level of self-awareness of an imperfection or a particular weakness, and at the same time see you boldly stating a strategy to overcome such weakness – choose your weaknesses carefully. Most times you want to list a strength as a weakness and turn the situation around.
  • Unnecessary questions should be totally avoided. More especially staple questions that are expected you should know as a candidate, having followed the company’s site, press releases, news etc. Questions that are expected of you are technical and tactical questions that display your level of intelligence and comprehensive thought process.
  • There could be a thousand and one candidates who are more qualified for the position, but if you show your interviewer that you have the ability to solve problems, you just might have found yourself one vacant spot. Even when you don’t have as much experience, focus on your strengths. You can bring up your skills and dexterity, tailoring them to the role you are applying for and how that would be a plus to the company having you as the perfect candidate. Even when your interviewer wants to focus too heavily on experience, you can confidently drag him to the competence lane; it’s your game, own it!
  • As much as possible get your interviewer engaged. You should try to win him/her over within the first minute of your interview – some people would say if possible rehearse your first 30 seconds of the interview. Knowing that the interviewer is in charge in every interview, it is paramount that you let the interviewer hear himself speak but at the same time, let your interview look more like a conversation and not like interrogation – develop a connection with your interviewer.


Bottom line – no matter how poorly an interview is going, don’t panic and don’t lose focus, continue confidently and treat every next question as the first, giving the best possible answer!


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