How to prepare for a video interview: 5 Quick Tips To Win Every Time

All thanks to the digital age, job interviews have transited from that era where you get to travel a couple miles to an era where you are readily accessible anytime any day. Going from the

All thanks to the digital age, job interviews have transited from that era where you get to travel a couple miles to an era where you are readily accessible anytime any day. Going from the traditional one on one interview with employers, the world advanced to voice interview and more globalization has ushered in video interviewing.

The good thing about a video interview is that it is a great way to connect with a potential employer without having to travel. More so, more and more companies, employers or hiring firms are using video interviews at some stage in their hiring process; which has proven to be an efficient approach for most brands. Survey reports have shown that about 60% or more companies employ video interviews, so you may will certainly encounter a video interview in the near future – now you just want to make sure you are ready, don’t you?

The bad thing is – video interviews are full of potential pitfalls and truth be told, most candidates are really terrible at it. Not to worry, after this article you’ll be more enlightened and won’t be a part of that group of job seekers for long.

Alright – Get ready for your interviewer to see a lot more than just your resume – put these five things to practice and you are on your way to a successful video interview!

  1. Choose carefully the hardware to use

If you are a proud owner of a number of gadgets and digital devices (such as a computer, tablet, smart phone, digital camera etc.), you might want to choose the one you are most comfortable with. When choosing also bear in mind the device with the most reliable technology. In most cases a computer, laptop with a camera will be best. Take a look at the clarity of each. If your webcam doesn’t have that clear of a picture maybe try your cell phone or tablet. If none of your gadgets produce a clear video maybe ask a family member or friend to borrow theirs. Making sure the person who is viewing the video can see you crystal clear is important in your quest in acing the video interview.

  1. Prepare your environment

Just like an office generic background, the ideal scenario for your video interview should be a secluded room, where all distractions, noises are shut out, where you are in control of the lighting and a plain wall as your backdrop (as you may need to be seen on camera from about the waist up). Some places that might have the perfect setting for you could possibly be your bedroom, front room, or if you have a home office. Making sure the right setting is chosen is also a very crucial part of your video interview.

  1. Choose your clothes carefully

As professionally as you would dress for a face-to-face interview, that is the same dress sense for a video interview. Irrespective of the fact that in most cases, only your top half is likely to be visible to the interviewer, it is still not advisable to put on some inappropriate clothes on your lower half ( now you wouldn’t want things to go bizarre if your interviewer asks you to stand up, would you?). taking everything serious including the bottom portion of your outfit is critical. When you take the time to dress for success it shows. Believe it or not that saying wasn’t just created and wasn’t made for no reason.

  1. Keep check of Your Body Language

It is advisable to make solid eye contact and smile at appropriate times. Always wear that confident look and don’t be tempted to look more at the monitor or look elsewhere, be sure to focus on making eye contact with your interviewer via the camera. The individual or individuals who will be watching and grading your interview will take note on your presentation. Being able to smile and look directly into the camera as if you are staring at them will make a huge difference. Make sure you sit up straight and not slouch as your posture will show confidence. Make sure you articulate your words and never use slang. Conduct the video interview just as if you were walking into a room with the hiring manager present in your face.

  1. Follow Up

After your interview, be sure to follow up occasionally (not to bug your interviewer), to indicate your interest in the job as the hiring process could be a long one (most likely with several more rounds of interviews).

Bottom line – In the end, if you are not sound in knowledge, all efforts with these tips would only prove futile. Be sure to read as many questions and answers as possible. A video interview is just the same as a face to face interview so having the true and accurate knowledge and skill set is also pivotal in conducting the video interview.


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