How to Prepare for a Phone Interview: 2 Quick Tips

Chances are in our world today, a good resume may not be the only thing to get you in the door of the perspective company you’re seeking. A number of companies and recruiting firms want

Chances are in our world today, a good resume may not be the only thing to get you in the door of the perspective company you’re seeking. A number of companies and recruiting firms want their candidates to go through a phone interview first and this number can only continue to be on the increasing side. So, the possibility of smashing a phone interview may hinge on these three factors – what you do before, during, and after your phone interview.

Without prior experience, phone interviews usually seem like a daunting task.

Here is how it most probably will end up – out of a hundred applicants for the job, the company, employer or hiring firm screens out 50 candidates due to laughable, inadequate or substandard resume. Thereafter, the remaining 50 are called upon to undergo phone interviews. Now, based on impressions created during the phone interview, screening out of 40 persons is the resulting condition. The last 10 candidates may then be invited for a one on one interview or shortlisted in the list of competent candidates pending on organizational standards.

If you are preparing for a phone interview any time soon, you might want to be sure to show off your best professional persona to your employer.  Just hang in there, grab a seat and make the most of our amazing ideas here on this blog.

What to do before the phone interview

Basically there are two types of phone interviews, scheduled and impromptu. If you have a scheduled date with your employer, you are safe so be sure to:

  • Be well prepared physically and sound mentally
  • Do your homework by researching about the company (goals, mission, key figures, markets etc.)
  • Research about the interviewer if possible
  • Do a thorough research about the role you are applying for
  • Prepare and study a few likely questions to be asked (good thing is – with the answers on a cheat sheet right in front of you, you can state your points confidently)
  • Be in a comfortable environment where all distractions are shut out and background noises are limited or totally eliminated
  • Be ready about 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time

What to do during the interview

Be sure to listen and pay attention to details during the call, as the interviewer is likely going to do a brief introductory talk on engaging the call. Be sure to have a pen and paper within spitting distance so you take down points and questions that might be thrown to you during the course of your interviewer’s speech. When it is you turn to speak, borrow all the confidence you need and be sure to communicate clearly, responding to the key points and questions afore highlighted by the interviewer and expressing a level of enthusiasm about the opportunity, (you are free to ask reasonable questions too when necessary). The impression you create with your voice and oral command makes you stand out. Be sure to create a positive and unforgettable end remark just before the end of the phone interview.

After the phone interview – you can send in a thank you note via email after a day or two appreciating the call and confirming your interest in working with the firm (just a brief note will do). In the note try to recap the conversation and hit on any key topics that were said while the interview was conducted. This will allow the interview to see your level of commitment and dedication. You will make a lasting impression and it will be sure to send you ahead of others that are being considered for the position.

Taking the time to be well prepared is key in making the cut in a phone interview. Also, making sure you take the time to send a thank you email can help yourself standout.  Phone interviews are on the rise and if you haven’t taken part in one I’m sure you will in times to come…so being prepared on how to handle them is a crucial component in the job hunting process.


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