Finding Hidden Jobs

Most people do not pursue opportunities: As I noted before, as a scientist and engineer, you have an advantage that other people may not have, in that you possess an element of fearlessness. It may

  • Most people do not pursue opportunities: As I noted before, as a scientist and engineer, you have an advantage that other people may not have, in that you possess an element of fearlessness. It may be secluded, deep in your soul, but it is there – you wouldn’t have pursued this profession if you didn’t have it. This bravery will aid you greatly throughout your career and especially when it comes to pursuing the Hidden Platter of Opportunities. Most people, no matter their vocation, do not take advantage of opportunities, whether they are clandestine or not. They don’t ask other professionals out for coffee, they don’t send “cold emails” (correspondence with those they don’t know), they don’t apply for awards, and sometimes they don’t even apply for jobs even when an advertisement is staring them in the face. The main reason for this is because of fear. They may be afraid that the outcome will be negative. If they ask for help, the answer will be no, if they apply for a fellowship or submit a book proposal they will be rejected. Of course there are other cases, in which some people don’t chase opportunities because they are afraid the outcome will be positive. “What if I apply for the job and get it? What will I do then?” They fear success in part because they don’t think they can live up to their reputation or compete against their peers.

Since the majority of people don’t hunt and take advantage of opportunities, this gives you a distinct competitive gain. By simply asking for a meeting, discussion or other opportunity, you are articulating your brand to the other party and exhibiting the confidence that you can help them achieve their goals. This in turn gives you access to even more hidden opportunities. Do not be afraid to pursue success!

  • Every opportunity leads to another: One of the best elements of taking advantage of opportunities is that you can almost be assured that it will lead to another, often better opportunity. I have seen this myself throughout my own career. For example, many years ago, I volunteered to serve on a committee, which led to be being elected the president of the committee, which led to an invitation to apply for a job, which eventually led to me getting the job. Yes, it can be that straightforward!
  • It can also involve you creating your own opportunities: Don’t forget that the ultimate hidden career opportunity, the one that may bring you the greatest return on your investment of time and energy, is the one you create yourself. Remember, Bill Gates didn’t apply for an advertised job – he made one himself and launched an industry. You should always be thinking entrepreneurially. If you need an opportunity ask for it. If it doesn’t exist, create it yourself. You may just start a revolution. Every day I am amazed at how simple actions that don’t even seem like “networking” manifest themselves and allow me to access hidden opportunities. While simply browsing through LinkedIn for example, one day when I was bored, I found numerous alumni associated with my alma mater, who have similar backgrounds and interests as I, who work for organizations that I would like to engage, and whom I did not know personally. I immediately became excited because I could see how partnerships between myself and the other people could be developed that would benefit us both. This was a passive action I was taking and yet it created many, many potential hidden opportunities to contact these people, which ultimately could reveal its own hidden opportunities for shared projects. And that’s one of the beauties of networking: The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more you do it without even realizing you are doing it. It becomes second nature to you. And that is one of my goals for writing this article in the first place. And now, on to networking!

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